Social selling on LinkedIn with SoSell

Social selling is a powerful tool for many businesses. In this episode Dan Sands and David Salmon discuss SoSell, a social selling platform and how it can be used to improve the quality of your social media engagement.

Dan and David from SoSell talk about LinkedIn, Twitter and how sales teams should be using social selling in their every day selling activities. Using social media for business also doesn't have to take hours every day. They also talk about how just reposting the content from your company's marketing team isn't enough. You need to be generating real content.

About Agent3 and SoSell
Agent3 helps some of the world's largest companies benefit from Account Based Marketing and Sales programs. Social is a key component of these programs, but all to often the capabilities and capacity to make social selling work is a challenge.

SoSell was developed to make it possible for even the most time poor, under resourced sales person to have meaningful social interaction and build influence and pipeline via social channels.

SoSell uses Intent signals, AI sourced content and human orchestration to push the right content to the right sales people for them to personalise and share via their mobile device.

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